Mercury Montego For Sale

Mercury Montego Clyclone Muscle Car

The Mercury Montego was the sister car to the Ford Torino. And the Cyclone was the beefy high performance version of the Montego. What I love about the Montego is it's one of those muscle cars that is lesser known therefore they can often be less expensive and possibly easier to get your hands on. But don't let the Montegos lack of popularity fool you, the Montego (especially the Cyclone version) was every bit as much of a muscle car as the Torino.

Mercury Montego Cyclone

Cale Yarborough in the Wood Brothers famous Mercury Montego Cyclone

The Montego was produced by Mercury from 1968 thru 1976. Mercury revived the Montego from 2005 to 2007 but that wasn't a muscle car in any way shape or form.

The Mercury Cyclone might be best known from it's days in NASCAR. Cale Yarborough drive the famous Wood Brother's #21 Cyclone and won the Daytona 500 in it. Hey, any car that's good enough for Cale Yarborough is good enough for me.


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