Man buys a Walmart to house his car collection

Muscle car city!

This is the kind of story that I love, this dude named Rick Treworgy in Punta Gorda Florida has so many cool old cars that he buys an old Wal-Mart store just so he can house them all! All of Rick's cars are daily drivers and they appear to be in immaculate condition. He says he started collecting cars back in 1973 and has been ding it ever since. IN the video you can see he has a lot of muscle cars in his collection and it looks like he might be a Chevy guy as you can see several Camaros, Corvettes, Chevelles, Impalas, etc.

Can you imagine what this collection must be worth?


  1. Hi there, we are coming to Florida and plan on visiting your collection. Could you please provide an address so we can locate you?


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